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Sauna World

Feel good hotel with sauna experience

Warm wood furnishings, the scent of fresh mountain herbs and the cozy warmth, are there to accompany you on your wellness holiday in Tyrol. Take a sauna, recharge your batteries and regenerate your body and mind ... allow yourself to be pampered by our varied wellness offers here in Fieberbrunn.

Hotel Alte Post with sauna - Wellness in Fieberbrunn in Tyrol.
Latschenkiefer Outdoor Spa at the Hotel in Tyrol - Austria.

Latschenkiefer Outdoor Spa

In our outdoor sauna you can enjoy the surrounding countryside during your relaxing sauna stay. Gather new energy and recharge your batteries. A visit to our outdoor sauna will give you a very special wellness experience.

Bio Sauna in the hotel in Tyrol - wellness holiday Austria.

Bio Sauna

As a result of the mild temperatures of 50 - 60 °C, the body is gently heated in the Bio Sauna. With a combination of the wonderful scent of natural wood and the calm lighting, the body is regenerated in a gentle way and the detoxification process is initiated. A treat for both body and soul!

Saunamaster Hermann of the hotel in Fieberbrunn, Tyrol.

Saunamaster Hermann

Our certified Saunamaster Hermann creates in winter twice a week a unique sauna-experience which will be kept in mind for sure. Pure experience!

Stone-Steam Bath - Wellness Holiday Tyrol - Austria.

Stone-Steam Bath

In the center of the room – the rock, emanates its energy, which has a strengthening effect. A combination of steam and a selection of scents and herbal essences will take you into a world of deep relaxation. Listen to your body, breathe deeply and strengthen your respiratory system in this warm atmosphere on your wellness vacation in Tyrol.

Swiss Pine Infrared Cabin - Saunaworld of the Hotel.

Swiss Pine Infrared Cabin

The secret of the infrared cabin is the gentle warming of the body by infrared radiation. At temperatures between 40° and 60°, sweating becomes a pleasure – and the body is detoxified and purged. This type of curative sweating is very much recommended for muscular tension and joint and rheumatic diseases.

Massage Shower at the saunaworld of the hotel in Tyrol.

Massage Shower

A visit to our massage shower invigorates body and soul. Different massage strengths and jets directed onto your body, stimulate the sensory organs and encourage the relaxation process. Your massage shower experience on your wellness vacation in Tyrol you will also include subtle fragrances.

Retreat with Water Beds at the Alte Post Hotel.

Retreat with Water Beds

After a soothing massage, a relaxing sauna, or a few lengths in the panoramic outdoor pool, you can sit back and relax in our retreat. Comfortable water beds and the peace emanating from this room encourages deep relaxation. Just take some time for yourself, sit back and enjoy!

Cozy Nook for relaxing during the wellness holiday.

Our Cozy Nook

Inviting, bright and comfy – our cozy nook. With a selection of teas, this is the perfect atmosphere for re-energizing between saunas, massages and wellness experiences in Fieberbrunn. It is so inviting with spacious armchairs and a cozy atmosphere. A cozy place to have a chat, enjoy a cup of tea and just enjoy the moment...

Panorama Relaxation Room - Wellness holiday in Fieberbrunn.

Panorama Relaxation Room

You can learn just how unique the Fieberbrunn area is, in our relaxation room. You can read a book, listen to soft music, or just take a look through the windows out at the impressive mountain world of Tyrol...our relaxation room is a true oasis of well-being. The view will leave you mesmerized.

Maultasch Drinking Fountain at the Hotel in Fieberbrunn.

Maultasch Drinking Fountain

Legend has it that Margarete Maultasch drank from the Tyrolean water in Fieberbrunn and was subsequently recovered from a long illness. In her memory, a fountain is installed in our wellness area, which is named after the Duchess and Countess of Tyrol. Still today, our guests can drink the "water with history".

Wellness in the sauna world at Hotel Alte Post in Fieberbrunn.
“Fieberbrunn owes its name to Margarete Maultasch and her spontaneous recovery in our town”
- Marlene Eder, Senior Manager
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