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Privacy protection

Within the sense of the Federal Act concerning the Protection of Personal Data F.L.G. I No. 165/1999 and the subsequent alterations and appendices we herewith give information that all data which you send to us over our internet portal or through other means (fax, e-mail, post) are collected and stored. We guarantee that in accordance with the framework of the legal requirements the use of personal data is subject to the consideration of the basic rights and freedoms as well as of the dignity of the individual, with particular regard to the maintenance of confidentiality, personal identity and the right to privacy of personal information.

The personal information processed by us is not made available for distribution.

The data protection law, according to Article 26 , gives those affected the right to examine and check their personal data, to verify and supplement it as well as the right to order that the data be removed, blocked or converted to anonymous data, in those cases where the data processing conflicts with the legal safeguards. The affected has the right, for justifiable reason, completely or in part, to oppose the distribution of his data as well as to demand its deletion, blocking or conversion into anonymous data, and, without justifiable reason, if data is used for purposes of business information, despatch of advertising material, direct sale or for market and consumer surveys.

The owner of the data processing is
Gasthof zur Alten Post Eder Johann GmbH & Co KG, Dorfstraße 21, 6391 / Fieberbrunn, Tyrol / Austria

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