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Travel Insurance for your Holiday in Fieberbrunn

Because You Never Know…

What if something happens? Are you unable to take your trip to Fieberbrunn at all or do you have to depart earlier? Simply take out a travel insurance and be prepared for unexpected events.

The following services are included

  • Cancellation protection: reimbursement of cancellation costs in case of no-show up to the selected travel price (without retention)
  • Trip interruption: reimbursement of the booked, not consumed part of the arrangement up to the selected travel price (without retention)
  • Trip delay of the booked holidays: a. arrival delay to the holiday destination through no fault of your own (e.g. car breakdown): refund of the costs for lodging and food underway b. elementary event on site (due to avalanches, mudslides etc.): refund of the necessary costs for lodging and food on site in case of roadblock up to 20% of the selected travel price, max. € 365,-
  • Unvoluntary holiday prolongation: due to accident, illness or elementary event: refund of the arising additional costs on site (incl. food) up to 50 % of the selected travel price, max. € 2.000,-
  • Costs for search and rescue operations: in case of distress in the mountains and the sea (including rescue by helicopter) up to € 7.500,-
  • The insurance case is valid for the insured person, their insured family members and for maximum 3 other insured people who are travelling with them provided that they have booked together. Family members are spouses (or life partners who live together in one household), children (stepchildren, son-/daughter-in-law, grandchildren), parents (step-parents, parents-in-law, grandparents) and the siblings of the insured person. Insurance rate: The insurance rate amounts to 5% of the selected travel price. Calculation example: travel price € 1,000 x 5%= € 50,- insurance premium. The maximum duration of the stay amounts to 31 days. Please note, that the maximum insurable travel price (maximum insured amount) per person amounts to € 3,500 and per booking to € 7,500.

Covered reasons for trip cancellation

  • *Unexpected severe illness of the insured guest. In addition, pregnancy which was detected after the booking of the holidays is also accepted as non-ability to travel;
  • *Severe accident or death of the insured person;
  • * death, severe accident or unexpected severe illness of family members (spouse or life partner, parents, grand parents, step-parents, parents-in-law, siblings, children, step-children, son-/daughter-in-law and grandchildren);
  • Substantial damage to property of the guest at the place of residence due to elementary events (e.g. fire) or crime by third parties which require his presence;
  • loss of job through no fault of one’s own due to dismissal of the guest by the employer;
  • Military conscription - or community service of the guest, provided that the responsible agency does not accept the holiday booking as reason to postbone the summons;
  • File for divorce prior to the joint holiday of the respective spouses;
  • Failing of the school leaving examination immediate before the holidays which were booked and insured before the exam;
  • Unexpected summons, provided that the responsible court does not accept the holiday booking of the guest as reason to postbone the summons.

    * Medical insurance cases have to be confirmed in written form by the physician in charge. Please note: Existing sufferings and illnesses (but have a look at Art. 4, Pkt.2, ERV-RVB Hotellerie 2005) are only insured if they become acute unexpectedly.

Take out the insurance

You have to take out the insurance at the same when booking the holidays or paying a deposit (when the booking is only confirmed by receiving the deposit). If you take out the insurance later the insurance coverage is only valid from the 10th day after conclusion.

What to do in case of the event of damage?

  • Travel cancellation: Please inform your host (hotel, guesthouse, ...) immediately and send a written confirmation of the reason to cancel your holiday to the host and the insurance company. If you cancel the trip due to medical reasons you also have to attach a detailed medical certificate of your treating physician.
  • Travel interruption: If you have to cancel and interrupt your holidays due to illness or accident you have to send us a detailed medical certificate of the treating physician at the holiday resort.
  • Late arrival to the booked holidays or not planned ending of the holidays: Please submit the receipts of the incurred costs for lodging and food together with the confirmation about the reason (medical certificate, official confirmation of roadblocks, accident, breakdown etc.) to the ERV.
  • Costs for search and rescue operations: In case of insurance case inform the EUROPÄISCHE immediately indiciating the facts and circumstances via telephone or fax. The EUROPÄISCHE settles the costs directly with the search and rescue company on site.
  • Basis of contract: The insurance conditions for the hotel industry (ERV-RVB Hotellerie 2005) of the EUROPÄISCHE are the basis of contract. You can have a look at them at or directly at the EUROPÄISCHE. The respective insurance sum represents the maximum performance of the insurer. Austrian law applies for the insurance contract. By paying the insurance rate the insured person declares his agreement to the quoted insurance terms and conditions.


Europäische Reiseversicherung AG, 1220 Vienna, Austria Kartochwjelstraße 4. Place of business of the association: Vienna (Commercial register HG Wien, FN 55418y, DVR-Nr. 0490083). Address of the regulatory authority of the financial market/department insurances: Praterstraße 23, 1020 Vienna.

For more information please contact:

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